Technical Sector

Technical and infrastructural facility management

With qualified staff, GPM is able to provide engineering management services and advise on adapting infrastructure to user needs. In particular, changing climatic conditions often require special attention to regulating the plants and to function properly over time. We can also organize and manage all services related to the use of a property such as custody, cleaning, maintenance, and so on.

Valuations / expertise

GPM conducts real estate valuations on behalf of major banking, insurance and private individuals. The reasons for requesting an evaluation can be multiple: the need to negotiate a mortgage loan, inheritance divisions, disputes, purchase or sale of real estate. In addition to economic evaluations, we also carry out technical assessments of the state of the building substance, the identification of defects and the related solutions or proposals for improvement.

Market research and feasibility studies

GPM regularly conducts feasibility studies and market research both on funds still to be built and on real estate to be transformed. Through a multi-year experience in the field of administration and sales, we are constantly up to date on market demands and on achievable values. The analyzes are carried out on both third-party projects that require confirmations and on our existing land or property proposals.

Assistance, realization of projects and renovations

Real estate or individual units require both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, as well as adaptations to current standards and spatial changes for the specific needs of users. GPM is concerned with analyzing individual needs and translating them into executive projects, taking care of everything they need, from authorizations to execution. For more than forty years, through qualified staff, GPM provides refurbishments, change of destination and upgrades, both small and large; particular expertise in handling claims, such as fires, water leaks, nature damage and material-related problems or mismanagement.