Building Administration

GPM is concerned with the management of real estate assets, from single residential units to large complexes, on behalf of the owner. When a property is entrusted to GPM, the return on the investment and value retention of the building over time are insured by professional management. GPM takes care of every aspect of the property life: preparation of periodic administration reporting, collection of rents, expenses and advance adjustments, control and payment of suppliers, compliance with the various deadlines, property relationships with tenants, their turnover and their contractual formalities, insurance aspects and administrative and fiscal requirements of the owner in relation to the property. However GPM goes further: it organizes and oversees the technical aspects of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the building and manages, with specialized skills, interventions of the tradesmen. Do you want to optimise the value of your real estate assets? Rely on GPM.

Condo Administration

Full management of real estate property of single apartments (PPP), which includes: convocation and conducting of assemblies, verbal drafting and execution of shareholders’ resolutions in compliance with current legal provisions; annual budget preparation, detailed accounting, demand and collection of contributions and payment management; maintenance contract management, insurance and concierge, technical surveillance and assistance in general. But GPM goes beyond: it organizes and supervises the technical aspects of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property and it manages, with specialist skills, craftsmanships. Do you want to optimize the value of your real estate assets? Trust in GPM.