Energy refurbishment

1.What is the composition of Ticino’s real estate stock?

A large part of the real estate in Ticino was built between the end of the 1960s and the end of the 1970s. At that time building techniques were rather simplified and the need to limit energy consumption was not at all a problem. These buildings have also reached the limit of the life cycle of the elements they are made of, and in addition to technical problems, they also have problems of image and inadequacy to current standards.

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Coordinated management of administrative buildings

1.How has GPM acted over the years to remain a leader in the property administration sector?

The management of GPM has decided to invest significant resources in order to increase the range of services for the benefit of the current portfolio of properties and, at the same time, to attract new potential clients who may need our long-standing and successful strategy in the field of administrative property management.

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Coronavirus and real estate: what impact?

Like all sectors, from business to healthcare to socio-cultural, the real estate sector has been inevitably affected by the effects of the Covid19 pandemic that raged across the world in 2020. The climate of economic uncertainty that this event has caused is a completely new situation for our economy, not comparable to any of the crises that have occurred in the more or less recent past.

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