Coordinated management of administrative buildings

1.How has GPM acted over the years to remain a leader in the property administration sector?

The management of GPM has decided to invest significant resources in order to increase the range of services for the benefit of the current portfolio of properties and, at the same time, to attract new potential clients who may need our long-standing and successful strategy in the field of administrative property management.

2.What type of property is most prevalent in Ticino?

Since the 1960s, the building sector in the larger towns in the canton, and in particular in the Lugano area, has focused on purely administrative solutions.

Offices for administrative companies, banks, insurance companies and SMEs in general are ideally located on the upper floors of the buildings, while shops and bars/restaurants are usually located on the ground floor.

A standard floor usually measures between 300 and 600 square metres and the internal subdivision allows the spaces to be adapted to accommodate the activities listed above.

The equipment of the individual buildings is then completed with:

  • archives;
  • outdoor parking spaces
  • garages.

It is worth pointing out that the possibility of offering indoor rather than outdoor parking spaces and archives, combined with the rental of office space, is often the trump card for persuading potential customers of the value of the offer.

Obviously, it is the price of the lease and the ancillary expenses that will decide the fate of the negotiation, given the same location and the quality of the finishes of the spaces to be rented.

3.Unoccupied office space is a well-known problem, what is GPM doing to combat this phenomenon?

The large amount of office space currently available has led us to develop new strategies for to re-let vacant office space.

These strategies need to be coordinated in a very specific way between the various sectors involved in managing a property that contribute to the management of a building.

In fact, our internal organization provides for a division of tasks in direct relation to the professional skills of each.

In particular, in order to implement our strategy we require the direct support of the following figures

  • Property manager, who in our structure is a real estate administrator with SVIT certificate and enrolment in the register of trustees of the Canton of Ticino;
  • Specialized technical staff made up of two architects and an ETH-OTIA engineer, who coordinates with our technical department all the interventions necessary for the ideal promotion of the spaces and can also proceed, if requested by the client, to the management and realization of the works;
  • Staff dedicated to the marketing of spaces, who deal directly with the promotion of vacant premises through a network of privileged contacts, as well as the latest promotion news.

4.Are these strategies general or can they be adapted to each individual case?

In some cases, for our existing clients, we have already successfully modified the interior spaces to bring them up to current standards and thus be able to better serve the prospects.

Where necessary, we have also applied for a change of use.

Of course, we are also able to offer these services to external customers.

This working platform is practically always kept operational for the management of our mandates and is activated as soon as we receive a new mandate.

This structure, combined with strong professional profiles as well as skills and experience gained over the years, allows us to guarantee the best performance for our clients in this particular area of income property management.

If we have piqued your curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a personal interview.